A downloadable game for Windows

What is TOSAL?

It's a platformer game, a pretty hard one, you can't double-jump but can climb walls. I swear - it's a feature, not a bug in programming... I swear...

What's inside?

Rectangles, lot of rectangles...

...and 2D "pixel-art", obstacles, fast-paced music, retro-style... Typical platformer.


Design, Programming, Art, Music and SFX are on me. Yup, I'm a one-man band! 


"The Dark Souls of square-based platformers." - Tom from 72 Pin Connector

The game was created for #72PCJam.

Install instructions

Unzip and double-click on "Play TOSAL"

Movement: WASD/arrow keys, space to jump.


TOSAL 1.3 19 MB

Development log


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Really loved this game. Very simple and challenging, The space bar was not always responsive when I need to jump. Loved how it looked. It looked like there were two layers I was playing between. The background and this front layer. Nice feel to it and the MUSIC WAS GREAT!! 

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Need to work on controls. Noted :) 

EDIT: I found where the problem lies. Will be fixed in 1.3 :D