The vicious Kallems killed everyone on your home planet and you are on the run. This spaceship holds the last of the surviving Durytans.

The Kallems have caught up with your spaceship and fired a lethal shot. There are 2 minutes remaining before the ships core breaches and the Durytans are no more.

As Svatko, the last working medical robot you must match two Durytans together and send them off in the escape pods. Research says that matching Durytans with the most varied DNA will have the greatest chance of creating healthy offspring. Differences in DNA can be found by observing the Durytans hairtype, bodyshape, tail and heart. 

Most of those features are not difficult to spot, but you must use your scanner to scan a Durytans heart type. Find the best matching Durytans and match them together with the marker tool.

Help the Durytans escape and hopefully they will find a safe home to continue the Durytan race. 


  •  WASD - move
  • RMB(hold) - scan aliens to see their heart type
  • LMB - tap two aliens to match them and score


Download 21 MB
Version 1 Feb 22, 2019


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I love the menu soundtrack!

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